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Our Workshops

Welcome to our Career Development Workshops

Embark on a journey of growth and success with our comprehensive range of career development workshops designed for every stage of your professional journey. 

Online Class

Level 1 Workshops

You're exploring jobs for the first time, or you're looking to change careers, or maybe you just need a tune up of the basics, these workshops help you get yourself together and kickstart your journey...

Level 2 Workshops - Coming May 2024!

Be Awesome

You're interviewing or negotiating compensation, or you're in the first few months of your employment - these workshops come in clutch when you need to accomplish the phase of being awesome and landing that role or creating your foundation...

  • Conducting a Gap Analysis

  • Interview Tips & Tricks

  • Compensation Negotiation

  • Creating Your First Goals

  • Development Planning

  • Documenting Your Progress

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Confident Businesswoman

Level 3 Workshops - Coming July 2024!

Level Up

Okay, look at you! You're doing your thing, owning your role and excelling! What now? It's time to level up and make sure you still have you in mind as you continue to grow. These workshops help you to find your balance, engage your work community, and understand how to position yourself for further growth...

  • 8 Strategies for Building Mindfulness in Your Career

  • Who Do You Need Now?

  • Mentoring Success

  • Employee Resource Groups for Development

  • Know How You Fit in Succession Conversations

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