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Truly Invest in Your Diverse Talent...

Logo for the Career Accelerator for Black Women in purple and gold

Attention CEOs, CHROs, and Senior DE&I Leaders:

Few programs exist that are singularly focused on the development of Black Women, and it has led to staggering statistics that show a severe gap in Black Women leaders across all industries. This program empowers organizations to impact their diversity pipeline. Create Promotability, Community, and an Increased Representation of Black Women in your leadership. The 4-week program has a fluid design of challenging experiences, exposure through community, mentoring, and rich education (think 70-20-10) - built into a high-impact, results-focused development journey.

Cost: $7500 

This cost includes:

  • A psychometric assessment (HBDI®) with a 1:1 debrief and action planning session

  • Eight masterclasses

  • Four group coaching sessions (once a week)

  • One 1:1 closing coaching session

  • An honorable closing ceremony to transition learning

  • A 1-year member to The Great Exhale™ community - $720 value

Enrollment for the July cohort will open May 1 and close June 14. Stay tuned!

Schedule a time to discuss your support of the amazing talent in your organization.

OR, are you a Black woman ready to invest in yourself? We offer a discount and payment plans to help you afford to deeply invest in your growth, development, network, and community! 

Why? Here are a few stats*...

  • Black women make up 7% of the total workforce but account for 12% of minimum-wage earners.

  • In meetings and other common workplace scenarios, 54% of Black women are often the only or one of the only people of their race/ethnicity in the room.

  • For every 100 men hired into manager roles, only 64 Black women are hired.

  • For every 100 men promoted to manager, only 58 Black women are promoted.

  • 40% of Black women say they need to provide more evidence of their competence, compared to 28% of white women and 14% of men.


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