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Tailored Leadership Development Solutions

For Individuals, Leaders, and Organizations

Lead Yourself

From honing essential skills to crafting a compelling personal brand to negotiating your compensation, we provide the tools and insights needed to excel in today's dynamic job market. Your success story begins here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Lynisha O, Detroit, MI

Once I connected with Latrice, she guided me through a rigorous career action plan which challenged me to realize my strengths, understand the areas of opportunities and development, staying true to my values and the power of personal branding. After each session, I grew more confident in my abilities to pursue my career passion and allowed myself to be pursued by companies seeking someone with my qualification and expertise. Three months later I landed a new job!

Our Services

How to Partner with LeaderKeys

Before scheduling a Discovery Call, attend one of our overview sessions help you understand how you can partner with LeaderKeys to address your leadership development needs:

  • Bring Whole Brain® Thinking, SLII®, The Five Behaviors® or other individual and team effectiveness models to your organization.

  • Hire one of our expert facilitators for your next development or team building workshop or choose from one of our core workshops.

  • Level Up Your HR with development sessions designed specifically for your Talent Management & Development teams.

  • We also provide ERG consulting for your DE&I council and/or ERG leaders, members, and sponsors.

Online Conference

Ready to schedule your free Discovery Call?  Click here:

LeaderKeys Swag Station

Welcome to the LeaderKeys Swag Station, we believe that the right to owning your professional journey, which is why we provide keys, not gates. And who doesn't like some swag. We have apparel, journals, career guides, tumblers, and more! Check out our Collections. From journals, to apparel, to resource guides, there's a little something for everyone.

Meet the Team

The Team Committed to #MakingPeopleAwesome

+25 Years Experience in Human Resources, Talent Management, Talent Development, and DE&I

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