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Creating Your Professional Board of Directors

The 2.0 version of the You Are Your Brand workshop that dives much deeper into the concept of a professional Board of Directors

You know who your advocates are, you have a mentor or two, you may even have a sponsor - now level up your efforts by formalizing your Board of Directors for your career and elevate your executive presence to the next level.

Compensation Negotiations for Black Women

A session designed exclusively to speak to the Black woman experience when talking about money and everything connected to it.

This session is designed to empower Black women to own the compensation conversations – whether it is negotiating for a new job, a raise, or a salary adjustment, you will learn 7 strategies that equip you to get the money you deserve. 

Pivoting Your HR Career into a Consulting Business for Black Women

Being Black in HR is absolutely a thing! Many of us have carved out careers running programs and services that, ironically, exclude us. This session provides actionable steps for individuals looking to pivot their corporate careers into successful consulting businesses. Through interactive discussions, practical exercises, and goal-setting strategies, participants leave with a clearer understanding of the process and the confidence to embark on this new professional journey.

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