Business Meeting


For Organizations: Free initial consultation to determine the scope of the work needed (45-60 minutes call)

- $225 per hour for Consultative Services without Design Services

- $325 per hour for Consultative Services with Design Services

​Minimum of 4 hours to initiate a Consulting Agreement. Estimated hours are identified and agreed upon at the initiation of the Consulting Agreement. Adjustments and additional hours are calculated before the close of each month and billed accordingly. If training delivery is a part of the solution, costs are determined and billed separately including all travel charges incurred within agreed upon budget. Any additional charges will be outlined per the Consulting Agreement.

Program Design Services include and Objective Setting session to determine goals and desired outcomes (45-60 minutes), the main training component (PPT, Prezi, Video, etc.), a custom Facilitator Guide, and development of a Level 1-3 survey for feedback.

Example additional assets: Participant Workbooks, Pre- and/or Post- work, Manager Coaching Guides, Assessment & Quizzes